How to keep your skin Moisturized In Winters

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Skin is an interesting organ, and at the same time difficult to understand. Skin need special care in winters as dull and dry skin can take the moisture of the skin. You can revitalize the glow of skin by following the proper skin care routine . There are few tips that can help in maintaining  the moisture of the skin.






Follow a proper winter care routine as winters bring dull and dry skin.To avoid dry and dull skin moisturize your face, hands  and feet  with a good moisturizer before sleeping at night as your skin will be soft all day. Selection of  a good moisturizer is essential part select the moisturizer containing natural Ingredients like Aloe Vera or Almond to keep skin hydrated. However, choosing oil based moisturizer can help in maintaining the moisture of the skin for long duration.



Olive oil is considered as a natural moisturizer as it keep skin glowing and hydrated. You can use Olive oil  directly on the skin by dabbing it with cotton or fingertips slightly rub or massage it on your skin daily to revitalize skin glow.


We often forget that dead skin is part of winter that can fade the glow of skin. However, to revive the skin glow in winters exfoliation is the best remedy to keep skin glowing. Skin exfoliator can help in removing dead skin, reviving the natural glow of the skin.


Homemade DIY mask can do lot of favors in winter months in keeping skin hydrated. Using natural ingredients  can help in revitalizing the natural glow of the skin in the winters.  However,  you don’t need to spend mammoth amount of money these natural ingredients can do favors by giving smooth and glowing skin.


Water helps in maintaining  good heath Drinking water is more important than ever in winters.  skin become dull and dry during winters and need special care during winter . The best way is to take 10-12 glasses of water in daily routine to keep yourself hydrated . However, water detox can cleanse the body from toxins that will play major role in maintaining healthy glow in skin.

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