10 Inspiring Urdu Words That Are Better Than Poetry

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As a language, Urdu has been entrancing non-Urdu speakers since hundreds of years. So much, with the goal that it draws out the concealed shaayar in a large portion of us. Weave in the illustrious touch and wealth of the dialect with its stanzas, and enchantment is certain to pursue!

Urdu boasts of probably the most profound words that you will ever hear. What’s more, we can’t resist the urge to be stunned by the dialect. Along these lines, we handpicked a couple of Urdu words for you which you are much the same as verse!

1- کائنات


2- فنا


3- خانہ بدوش


4- آشنہ

4- جستجو

6- پاسبان


7- حیات

8- فتور

9- شبنم

10- قہر

Such a soulful language!


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Muhammad Ali Zafar

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