10 Stereotypical Things That Define Being A Pakistani

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typically Pakistani things

to put it mildly, we Pakistanis are an eccentric nation. Hence, it is only fair to celebrate some things that are typically Pakistani in nature. In fact, some of these things are so common that it seems like they have somehow become embedded into our genetic code. . So without further delay, let’s cast a glance at some quintessentially Pakistani things.

  1. Our *ahem* kifaayat-shiaari/frugality…

Pakistanis are the baap of saving things. Nothing can escape our grasp, be it disposable plastic cutlery or old clothes. Our frugality knows no bounds. The disposable plastic most likely ends up in the cutlery drawer and the old clothes get magically transformed into mops and dusters. In short, no one can accuse us Pakistanis of being wasteful and thrifty.

  1. … except where weddings are concerned

Oh oh. There is one teeny tiny exception to the above statement, though… and it has one word: shaadi .

Telling Pakistanis to spend less (or even sensibly) on a wedding is like signing your own death certificate yourself. Taubah Taubah. What will the neighbor’s dog’s best friend’s owner’s doctor’s mother say? That the family of the girl/guy is so poor that they couldn’t even afford to feed and clothe half the city??? The horror!

  1. Naani/Daadi ka Pandaan

typically Pakistani things
Never mess with Naani/Daadi’s beloved paandaan

Every Pakistani household has a khandani pandaan (betel-leaf box). This is especially common in Urdu speaking familes. This pandaan mostly belonged to a maternal or paternal grandmother. It is usually made from silver or bronze and holds immense sentimental value… even though it is not used for storing the pan any longer.

  1. The toothbrush that we keep recycling

It doesn’t really have to be a toothbrush. Sometimes it’s a hair brush or any other household item. But Pakistanis are the kings and queens of finding new uses for old stuff. The average toothbrush in Pakistan starts its life by being a normal toothbrush. After it becomes unfit for use as a toothbrush, some people start using as a brush with which to apply hair dye. Others use it to clean stuff like jewelry and other intricate items. You would think that the toothbrush’s life would be spared after its bristles fall out… but no! It can still be used as a stick for inserting izaarband into the shalwar… and the story continues.

  1. This dhoka


typically Pakistani things

  1. Zubaida Aapa

Martha Stewart, eat your heart out! Martha may have the Western appeal , but no one can beat Zubaida Aapa’s tips and tricks. On a serious note, many people have benefited from Aapa’s recipes and tips. The lady is an institution and deserves to be recognized as such. Also, I highly doubt if Martha can do half the work Zubaida Aapa does , that too while wearing at least a dozen bangles in each hand.

  1. Fascinating Facebook names

Heart Thief, D3viL Boi, Papa ki pari, Angel Princess, Dashing Lover, Swaggy Gujjar and InNoXeNt EyEs… looks familiar? Even Mark Zuckerberg would have never thought that such legendary people would grace the realm of Facebook. Plus, they are the ones responsible for generating more than half the income on Facebook. You know why? Because they spend all their time on Facebook … and also because they have nothing better to do, since their motto is “m NOT WORKING eM STILL STUDYIN”.

  1. Toys that no one can play with

There is a certain showcase/cupboard in every Pakistani house that is filled with toys. Sounds like every child’s fantasy, right? Wrong. Imagine having everything you’ve ever dreamed of right in front of you, but not being able to touch it. Imagine the torture. Pakistani kids go through this every.single.day. Because here, we don’t play with toys. We use them as decoration pieces to impress other kids who come to our houses.

  1. Peshawari ice-cream


Few desserts can compete with this typically Pakistani reincarnation of the ice-cream. The cold, sweet taste with the creamy aftertaste that just refuses to budge from your palate. Ahh… sheer bliss!

  1. Thaili-ception

typically Pakistani things

A plastic shopping bag inside a plastic bag inside a plastic bag inside a plastic bag inside a …………………………. Well you get the idea. 

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Jasiah Fatima