Here are the 12 Epic ‘Let’s take a Selfie’ Moments

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Psychologists tend to consider selfie as a kind of social and cultural phenomenon now. Taking selfies is the most common trend nowadays. But do you know that there was a time when there was no concept of selfies. Be it any social networking site like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook there are large number of users posting selfies on a daily basis. Becoming a norm and going with the flow are some people who took unique selfies which caught people’s attention and gave us major laughing fits!

Check out the 12 best ‘let’s take a selfie moments’ last year:

  • Alone on a honeymoon


This woman was so sad when her husband’s visa got rejected but she completely buzzed the internet with her solo selfies. It was the cutest thing ever!!


  • Monkey and the camera


And who said only humans can take selfies?


  • The Hit me girl (with a ball 😉


She’s so lost in the moment that she didn’t realise a ball is going to hit her soon. Alas!


  • The Rescue Me Selfie


But please wait, let me take a selfie before I save your life!


  • Just TOOO happy


LOL this has got to be the best selfie of the year.


  • The blast in her hair though..


Anyone of you thinking to visit hospital with a hair blast must watch this


  • The Mad Guy and the raging bull


A deadly bull is at the back but who cares? Now this is what I call a selfie diction!!


  • The squirrel and his new friend


When a squirrel hits you but then you both agree on a Selfie.

  • Howdy?


Keeping legs down is so normal, let’s try taking a selfie with the leg up.


  • The Banana Girl


When you are eating banana at work and want people to know


  • The Selfie stick.. I mean selfie leg


Try taking a selfie with your foot if you forgot to bring the selfie stick to a wedding


  • Selfie from top of the tower


I’m surprised they’re still alive. THIS IS SCARY AF.

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Momal Tahir

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