12 One Line Resolutions You Should Actually Aspire To In 2017

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  • Do at least one good thing for someone else, every day, with no motivation other than spreading kindness.

Always remember kindness is for free! Help others without expecting something in return.

  • Focus on creating happiness within your life now, instead of chasing after it.

  • Make an effort every single day to be a better friend, in one way or another.


  • Get the amount of sleep each night that you deserve.


 You’d be surprised how much sleep can affect your lifestyle and presence of mind. Sleep well and stay fresh


  • Read more actual books, even if it’s just one more book this year than you read last year.


  • Read more poetry.

I think the beauty of words have a magical impact on the soul.


  • Take more pictures of nature and beautiful moments rather than selfies!


  • Spend less time on social media. Not no time, but at least a little less time.

  • Get out of that comfort zone.

Be a risk taker and try something new this year!

  • Drink plenty of water. 

Water is the only thing which can make one feel better and look better! Have it in abundance.

  • Make an effort to be as kind and loving to yourself as you are to everyone else.


  • Bless people with your beautiful smile, more often.

 A smile can be worth a thousand words 🙂

  • Dance more often.

It’ll keep you fit and energized. Plus music is the ultimate savior to all bad days!

  • Always go for long walks; you’ll feel relaxed. 


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Amna Kazi

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