12 Signs That You Are MAJORLY Obsessed With Your Phone

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Many of us are majorly obsessed with our phones. We can’t stay away from it ever, really. If you are obsessed with your phone, here are the things that you can surely relate to:

1- You can’t leave it out of sight even when you’re at home!

Even when going to the washroom, your phone has to come with you.

2- You MUST check your notifications every five minutes in fear of not missing out on any.

The thought of missing out on notifications gives you anxiety.


3- You sleep with your phone under the pillow or in very close proximity.

You sleep with your phone on your nightstand, or worse, IN your bed next to you.

Is it harmful for your health? Yes. Do you care? No.

4- You are ALWAYS on your phone while people are talking to you.

Meanwhile, your response:



5- You CAN’T for the life of God, leave home without your phone in your hand.

23 Signs You're Addicted To Your Smartphone

No phone, no outings! Sorry.

6- You wonder if there’ll be any messages on your phone when you’re in a *no cellphones allowed* meeting.


It kills you, doesn’t it?

7- The first thing you do early morning is go through your phone.

Your activity before early morning coffee, basically.

8- You start feeling anxious when your battery hits below 10% or switches off.

lee pace obsessed pushing daisies youre obsessed

“What would I do without you, oh dear phone! Please don’t die on me!”

9- Social Media is your only entertainment on a normal day.

Source: tumblr.com

My only best friend these days.

10- You insist that you can do two things at once — text AND walk, text AND listen! — but we all know that you cannot!

mean girls

I can.

11- You feel like your phone is vibrating or ringing even when it’s not.

Gilmore Girls netflix season 1 episode 17

I can hear it ringing.

12- You’ve been lectured on phone addiction more than anyone.

scolding annapurnamma

Andhi hojaogi, bus kardo.

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