Simple Things That Make Life Happy

3 min

There are major sources of happiness. And then there are those simple things, which seem too small to matter but make life worth living nevertheless. Here are 25 simple things that are bound to make you happy!





1- A clean bed. 2. Being told you’re funny. 3. Looking at old couples. 4. Listening to somebody with a contagious laugh while trying to tell a funny story. 5. Having free time to yourself. 6. Getting off work while it’s still light outside.

7. Writing with a really, really good pen. 8. Waking up and realising you have a little bit more time to sleep. 9. Taking a long walk on a winter night. 10. A good hair day. 11. Free shipping. 12. A hot shower with the perfect amount of water pressure. 13. Soft towels. 14. An excellent cup of coffee when you really need it. 15. Feeling comfortable all day. 16. Receiving compliments. 17. Handwritten notes/cards. 18. Singing out loud. 19. Unexpected offs from work/school. 20. Undressing after dressing up for something. 21. Physically crossing something off your to-do list. 22. Meeting deadlines.

23. Conversations that make you lose track of time. 24. 100% charge on your phone. 25. Taking off your shoes when you get home.

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Amna Kazi