3 Top Celebrity Trends You Should Totally Catch Up On This Year

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Trends to follow

When it comes to fashion, our celebs have the lead in many areas. Most of the award shows and galas are watched with one keen eye on the different kinds of fashionable clothing and accessories that are worn by our favorite stars. And then we often try to emulate those styles ourselves. Here in this article, we shall discuss some of the most interesting trends that actually can suit our events and parties too, so that we all look like a Hollywood goddess just off the ramp! If you want to really stand out and are tired of looking plain and average, this is the article that can be your savior!


Here are the top five celebrity trends that should be noted for future use

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 1.  Go for a unique dress that compliments your body

All kinds of fashion are back with a bang, whether it is retro or simply modernistic. Go with the trend which suits you the most. If getting a princess ball gown makes your figure look better and you look amazing in it, and then absolutely go for it.  If a modernistic look suits you better, then go ahead with it and pull it off with confidence. Celebrity dresses can be of many uncountable types but you need to choose the one that you are most confident with.

2. Go with a stylish hairdo

Most types of celebrity fashion do not involve any gaudy jewelry. But having perfect hair helps a lot. Your celebrity dresses are incomplete without the presence of a fashionable haircut or a braid or just some flowers in the hair. Keep it minimalistic and yet simple. Starting from Deepika Padukone to Kate Winslet, everyone makes sure they have the perfect hair. So the next time you focus on a party, focus on having really good hair to go with the dress, Frizzy and out of control hair is a major turn-off and tends to ruin the entire appeal of the dress.

3. Highlight your eyes and lips, but that’s about it.


Most celebrities in the news come with a very familiar description, their eyes were so beautiful or lips were totally kiss-worthy. Why is it that these two parts are so much in focus in the media?  These two are highlighted and given the proper attention. Experiment with your eyes but keep it on the subtle side, let people feel the charm and the mystery. And mark your lips with a good color that shows off how full and plump it is. After all, the main essence of celebrity styles is to choose something that makes you look good and better.

And the rest is totally on your discretion. Whether your celebrity styles choose to rock it in a cocktail dress or wear a mermaid gown, it’s on you but make sure you follow all the tips properly and have a rocking time at your party.

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