4 Upcoming Mobile Phones to Watch for in 2018!

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Shortlist of latest Mobiles Phones

Mobile phones ain’t phones anymore, they are now our all in one gadget; our multimedia tool. Because of the introduction of  3g & 4g services in Pakistan, the rate of mobile users is increasing insanely on daily basis. Last year it was 140.5 million. Who knows how much now.

So, avoiding the crazy details lets hop on to see the list of new smartphones coming our way in this year 2018.

Rumors are in the air that Apple will launch the iPhone 9 or iPhone xi or maybe iPhone x2 ( The name is still not confirmed) this year. We’re suspecting that Apple will place a Face ID instead of Touch ID in a home button. Also, it’s expected that this iPhone will have the aluminum back not stainless steel to keep the price low.  It’s possible that 9 will release around October 2018. But what might happen, who knows.

Source: Google

iPhone SE 2

The iPhone se2 is in a code name for now as “Jaguar”. People are calling it the iPhone se2 but latest rumors have reached that it will not even call the iPhone se2. Though the launching date is still not confirmed, it’s hinted that the new iPhone S2 will be launched in June 2018. It has also been heard that the new iPhone will be cheaper than before and will be small in size as compare to new iPhones that have recently been launched. Now let’s see whether the new iPhone will be cheaper or Apple will stick to its tradition.

Source: Google

Right now, we barely have any information on the new upcoming Samsung galaxy note 9. But it’s expected that the new note will have an under-display fingerprint sensor, with a huge battery and a larger display and more improved features like S Pen. The launched is expected to be in August 2018.

Source: Google

Blackberry recently confirmed that they’re coming with not one, but two phones this year. While the phone can be called keyOne or  keyTwo, not confirmed yet. The new blackberry will be having a bronze color with a slightly changed shape, 6Gb RAM with SDM 660 and dual cameras.  The launched has confirmed for 7 June 2018.

Source: Google

So make your mind guys. Let’s see, what will arrive and will it be according to our expectations? Can’t wait to know!!




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