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After interviewing Syed Muhammad Javvad, a 27 year old food junkie, and observing the significant changes in his lifestyle we have concluded that a better lifestyle leads to a better body.

Syed Muhammad Javvad accepted the challenge! – are you ready to see the results?

Source : TheFortyTwoDayChallenge


  1. What was the initial cause of your obesity?

Well I don’t know from where it started but I had been obese since the time of school. I think it was a genetic tendency in my maternal side of the family as my grandfather and uncles were all on the heavier side. I remember wearing plus size clothes always and even remember when it was hard for my parents to find me a uniform of my size.

  1. When did your weight become an issue?

The fact that I couldn’t shop for clothes of my size really used to upset me as I’m fond of clothes and fashion. I used to feel lethargic and this life had really started to take a toll on me.

  1. What were your previous diet attempts?

I had been gyming and jogging since before I took up this challenge but nothing seemed to work out. I wasn’t able to follow a specific diet plan, actually there wasn’t even a plan basically I was just starving myself which ultimately leads me to failure and whenever I left it I start feeding myself more than before. I think maybe I wasn’t motivated enough than. The distinctive atmosphere which I experience during the 42 DC had made me realise to never quit.

  1. What makes it different this time?

This time I’m in the hands of professionals they focused on my diet a lot, so much so that only 20% of my plan was focusing on exercise and the rest of 80% was my diet regime, which was tailored as per my nutritional requirement.

  1. How much did you lose so far? How long did it take?

I used to weigh around 148 kgs and after taking six 42 day challenges I have finally lost around 59 kgs. I started in November 2015, which means it took me around 11 months of gruesome workout and consistency to feel the change!

  1. How much do you have to lose now?

This is my sixth challenge. Honestly, I never thought I would lose as much as I did and now that I have experienced it I’m aiming for my next milestone which is to tone my body like our trainers and even to become a trainer as Nusrat (Founder – 42 Day Challenge) has told me that very soon she wants to launch me as a trainer of 42 Day Challenge. And I’m eager to achieve this body change, let’s just say “I’m too fit to quit now”!

Below is a picture of him with the 42 Day Challenge owners Nusrat and  Torsam Tajik:

Source TheFortyTwoDayChallenge


  1. What kept you motivated when you were down?

See, being 148 kgs is not easy. The fact that you’re able to take care of yourself starts becoming challenging in its own and in the midst of this trouble you’re missing out on so much in life. Even If you want to interact with someone you have to think a lot before making any interaction because you were afraid that how he or she is going to react after seeing such huge guy in front of them which really shutter your confidence at times. I couldn’t do anything progressive, had to lie down every now and then. If I went with my friends on a trip or a picnic, I couldn’t do a lot of fun stuff which they were all a part of only because my weight did not allow me to. Adventures like trekking and running, playing sports or even dancing in family weddings were ruling out.  I couldn’t take it anymore as I felt left out then. These things are important to keep you happy in life!

  1. What did you think hitting a goal would be like? And how do you think it has turned out to be?

I feel fresher and life has more meaning now because I don’t feel like I’m lesser than anybody. Infact, now I’m so motivated in life because I have achieved the impossible. I’ve honestly started to believe that nothing is impossible if you’re consistent and devoted.

  1. What is the biggest struggle: food, exercise, temptation?

The biggest struggle is to forgo the food temptation, ofcourse!

  1. What was the best part about the 42 day challenge?

The 42 day challenge is a life changing experience. The combination of high intensity interval training workout with cardio and weights along with a detailed diet plan made by the trainers according to the metabolism of every person is a unique experience. The programme is not like your standard gym where you’re standing in a corner and doing your workout by yourself. It’s an entire community that motivates each other to keep going on the road to become healthy and fit.

  1. Which were the best or most successful techniques you used and why?

The secret is to not to skip any meal, yes not even cheat meal! Which is the best part of our program and making it sure to feed yourself after every three hours and follow your diet plan religiously.

  1. What are the best things you have found about losing weight?

The body must be accustomed to take five to six meals per day after every three hours. This helps to revive the metabolism. The reason being that if you feed your body every three hours the brain will register that it will consume food every three hours from which you get the motivation to burn it. So don’t starve yourself for long time periods as it will only slow down your metabolism. This is specifically where we go wrong! People think they will lose weight if they starve themselves but that’s not the effective way and the only way to shed your weight.

  1. What would you say or advice other people who are struggling and want to do what you have done?

Be consistent. DIET a lot. If you want to lose weight, you must diet. But dieting does not mean starving oneself! If you just exercise, your weight may stay consistent but you won’t lose any. You have to divide your meals into 5-6 or even more proportions – this will help reduce quicker. Don’t take carbs after 3-4 hours before sleeping because at night the effect of carbs is more on the body. Take carbs in the morning and afternoon

  1. What do you think about body shaming? How did you feel if people commented on your weight then and now?

I remember when I was younger I was bullied because of my weight at school but I always took it well since I had supportive friends. I was fortunate to have a group of friends who were really there for me. They would make fun of my appearance but if someone ever tried bullying me they’d stand up for me. I never minded what they said.

As far as body shaming is concerned, I honestly feel like no one has to feel inferior only because they are too fat or too thin. Body shaming can have a detrimental effect on a person’s personality. I myself have felt conscious and avoided going out at times just because of my weight. I think we have to accept that if you are so huge people will talk about it. In fact, if they don’t then you will never feel urge to change yourself. Feeling embarrass about your appearance will ultimately give you motivation to change yourself. Do feel embarrass so that you change your tomorrow. Therefore, I believe that body shaming helps you to accept who you are or gives you the urge to change yourself.


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  1. This guy made his Family proud by loosing weight. I remember during university time his mother use to ask us to help him loose wait and also I remember he told me that his grandfather (NANA) had offered him PKR 50K to loose weight but back then Javvad was a different food animal altogether.
    But nonetheless I know him for a long time and recently when I visited his home, he was out somewhere and I was sitting with his mother, grandfather and the rest of the family, the fact that Javvad’s family was praising about his efforts and motivation means a lot and you can feel that his mother and grandfather were all proud of him.
    Wish you all the best and you still owe me 1500 for the bet you lost 😉