5 Beauty Bloggers you immediately need to follow if you are a Hijab Lover (Part 2)

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1- NURA AFIA: Nura is an American beauty blogger and Ambassador for Cover Girl, she is one of the only women to appear in an advertising campaign for a fashion brand in US. Hitting a following of 327k and acquiring more than 200,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel she is best known for her “Smoky Eyes Makeup” to “No Makeup Look” Tutorials.

Follow her at: @nuralailalov
YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Babylailalov

2- DALAL ALDOUB (Dalalid): A beauty blogger from Kuwait, having 2m followers on her Insta and counting, she is known as one of the most influential bloggers. She aspires women to become their own beauty guide teaching them skincare tips, beauty products recommendations and makeup tutorials.

Follow her at: @dalalid
Website: dalalid.com

3- HEBA JAY: Heba is an American lifestyle blogger from New York having 154k followers on her Insta. Inspiring women to be beautiful while wearing Hijab she is a role model for those who struggle in carrying Hijab in a stylish manner.

Follow her at: @heba_jay
Website: hebajay.com

4- MELANIE ELTURK: Melanie is the CEO of HAUTE HIJAB. A leading US Hijab brand. She is an inspiration for women who want to carry Hijab glamorously. Leading 142k followers on her insta and counting she is best known for her alluring looks and dynamite personality.

Follow her at: @hautehijab
Website: hautehijab.com

5- HANA TAJIMA: She’s a Muslim Blogger and stylist from UK who leads her own blog (stylecovered.com) which became a unique voice in fashion. Her inspiring feeds led to 37.9k followers on her Insta. Famous for her modesty she is the one who create her own fashion and clothing.

Follow her at: @hntaj
Website: hanatajima.com

Beauty is all about how confidently you carry yourself in any of the outfit you wear whether it’s a Hijab, a veil or any other covering.
Likewise, these beauty bloggers are successful in displaying their fashion skills and prove that one doesn’t need exposure to look beautiful. Making Hijab a fashion statement, these women have done it all.
I’ve followed them all, now it’s your turn!
Feel free to add names of your favorite blogger in comments!

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