The 5 Most Breathtaking Islands Bordering Asia

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There’s something about beaches that one could never put into words. Be it a cold, chilly winter night, and/or sunny summer afternoon, who doesn’t like swinging by the shore. Such is the therapy on-offer; you just cannot not-go to the beach! If you’re planning your next vacation, and an exotic beach spot lures you, you might as well have landed on the right page. We bring you some of the most breathtaking islands near Asia. Let’s not forget, affordable spots from around the world that you should hit next with a loved one.

( Caution: you might be packing your bags when you’re done reading!)

Koh Samui, Thailand

Could we have started off elsewhere? It’s hard to say. Even if you’re traveling on a budget, you could treat yourself to a month-long vacation in this scintillating island with ease.

Packed with stunning palm trees, and gorgeous beaches, the island has something for everyone. Amid the most popular attractions is the big Buddha temple, Namuang waterfall Nathon. Koh Samui is like feeling the sand between your toes!

breathtaking islands

The Seychelles

A total of 115 granite and coral islands make up the Seychelles. This series of beaches is known for their clear white-sand beaches fringed by lush jungles and a turquoise shallow, the island scenery embodies the essence of a tropical paradise.

Breathtaking sceneries with rich wildlife like more than hundred kinds of tropical birds and various endangered species; Seychelles is one of the world’s most beautiful tourist points!

breathtaking islands


Being one of the most flawlessly embarked beaches across the globe with white-sand, world-class surf breaks, stunning reefs, diverse marine life, the Maldives loom large in the popular imagination as a once-in-a-lifetime destination at the edge of the world.

The beauty of this island takes some getting used to!

breathtaking islands

Macleod Island, Burma

Located in the Mergui archipelago off Burma’s coast, the Macleod Island is still natural, mostly untouched, serene and full of simple beauty. There is only one resort on the island, the Myanmar Andaman Resort, which is more of a simple and rustic eco-lodge.

The Macleod Island is ideal for those seeking tranquility in a natural paradise. The isolated island is a home to pure beached, incredible diving spots and unspoiled nature.

breathtaking islands

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is the perfect vacation spot for those wanting to do it all!  The surfing is great; the food amazing, the parties are out of this world, the locals are some of the friendliest in the world, there’s a volcano to climb and most importantly its dirt cheap! Bali is the ultimate place to be if you’re looking for a more active tropical vacation in an affordable budget!

breathtaking islands

There are countless tropical islands across the world and it would take multiple lifetimes to visit them all. However, these five are a good start for locals. What are your favorites?

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