5 Pakistani Celebrities Who Has Their Brand With their Own Name

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Pakistani Celebrities never fails to inspire us, either it be on screen or off screen. You might never know the personalities which entertain us also have successful side setups as well. Some of them owns a restaurants and some owns clothing brands.

These are the 5 Pakistani Celebrities With Their Brands.

  1. Silk by Fawad Khan.
    Silk Fawad

    I have no words to praise this mannn ! Although it might be weird being a boy and drooling all over this man. Fawad Khan and his wife also have stepped into the fashion industry. Recently they have introduced a brand Silk, which focuses on the woman clothing. However, the brand was already in market and was run by her wife.

  2. Hemani by Waseem Badami

    Hemani by waseem badami

    An anchor turned into a TV host, Waseem Badami with his masoomiyat launched his brand Hemani. Morning shows, political debates or else Ramazan transmission, he is a versatile man. Lately he launched his brand Hemani, which consist of organic beauty products.

  3. NH by Nadia Hussain

    Nadia hussain
    A mom, a dentist, an actress and a model. Nadia Hussain is all in one, she is a perfect example of modern era woman. she also owns her brand named NH. Nadia Hussain is a practicing dentist and also operates a saloon.

  4. Xander by Sikander Rizvi

    Sikander Rizvi

    Sikander rizvi, the grand son of legendary singer Noor Jehan, is an actor and model. His recent movie Dekh Magar Pyar Se, was not a success but he is one talented man with exotic looks. Sikander also holds a famous running cafe Xander’s.

  5. Odho Cosmetics by Atiqa Odho

    Odho Cosmetics

    Age is just a number for some Pakistani celebrities. A beautiful and versatile Pakistani actress Atiqa Odho also owns a make up brand from last 10 years. Majority of you might don’t know that she is secretly running her brand from last 10 years.


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Paras Waswani