5 Questions which can help you decide if you’re on the right career track

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If you are spending 6-8 hours on your job and the work place doesn’t interest you or the daily tasks fail to engage you then you need to think about it!

When you devote 16 years of your life studying, exploring your field of interest then why, just for the sake of some money would one choose the career which does not interest them?Which does not make them excited or does not offer them a challenging opportunity?

Many of us think that money can change our lives and we can live luxuriously if we just have the finances but have we ever thought about being enlightened with knowledge and gaining the right work experience? Money will never be a problem if you have the knowledge, expertise and experience with you.

This blog will help you in deciding whether you are on the right career track or not?  Take out some time for yourself and ask yourself these questions:

1- Do you wake up tired?

If you are too lazy to wake up for office and feel like sleeping some more, then you are clearly not looking forward to the day ahead , you feel more comfortable at home rather than going to office but somehow you convince yourself because you are getting paid for the job.

2- Are you happy to tell about your new job in your circle?


When you meet your circle and tell them about your job does it make you proud? Or you just discuss how bad your job is and how tired you come home from your office or you just don’t want to discuss about your job since it’s not a source of happiness for you anymore.

3- Do you think about new ideas of getting better every day?

If the days at your office are really engaging and the daily tasks excite you. Plus you are meeting the deadlines assigned and you have ideas in your mind which would help you in becoming better at your work then you are in the right place. It has been observed that when you are learning and growing your skills at your work you come up with different ideas on how well you can manage the daily tasks. But on the contrary if you are just going to office to get the tasks done and not learning anything new then you need to think. Here is when the question arises!

4- Are you late every day or it’s just a day?

If you are late to work daily then it’s definitely a sign that you don’t love your job and you are continuously giving your boss the impression of being a‘Late Comer’.  Employees who are serious about their professional career would not like to be tagged as a “Late Comer”.

5- Are you sleepy while working?

It’s okay to take a nap for a short duration between working hours, but feeling sleepy all day isn’t a good sign. It completely shows you are bored of your job and just wait for time to pass by. This does not leave a good impression about your work ethic!

Choosing the right career is one of the most important decisions you make after you finish your studies, sometimes people even need proper career counselling to figure out the reason of the questions above. Try mentoring yourself by answering these questions.Note them down and think about it. Are they giving positive signs or negative signs? Then come up with the best suited conclusion. It’s your career and you have to make the right choices because at the end no one knows you better than yourself!

It’s better late than never

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