5 Really Small Everyday Problems That Are Frustrating AF

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We’re at a point in history where we may need to start focusing on bigger issues when it comes to things that ruin our everyday lives. But we can go back to really being pissed off about the little setbacks in everyday life that stick in one’s craw maybe longer than they have a reason to. Things that aren’t that big of a deal in the long run, but dammit if they don’t just set you off in the moment. These things are frustrating AF!

1- When water stops coming while you’re in the shower

via GIPHY And it’s either cold AF or you have have shampoo lathered in your hair. Honestly it leaves me agitated for a good two hours. Can’t I just shower in peace?

2- When your pants fit you just fine but the button wont close


3- When the frozen downloading speed frustrates you to death and you’re either like:


Residing to passive aggressive behavior.

4- When the spoon falls into your bowl by mistake587863_v2http-%2f%2fmashable-com%2fwp-content%2fuploads%2f2013%2f06%2fcharlie-mcdonnell

5-When you hit your little toe into the furniture and you feel you won’t live to see the day.aegmdbo_700b

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Amna Kazi