5 Trendy Hairstyles to follow in the Summer

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The gust of spring give vibes about the rising temperatures of summer, as temperature gets hot it has great effects on everything such as clothing, shoes, hairstyles and even eating habits get changed accordingly. The following trendy hairstyles can give you the idea to create unique and sophisticated look for summers.


1.Low/High Loose Buns

Create an elegant look for day time event by having loose buns. This hairstyle can be created within few minutes with few bobby pins and hair spray. Compliment the hairstyle with front twist ,twisted braid or loose curls to give mesmerizing look.



2.Hair up do’s

Hair up do’s can be a perfect choice in the summers for the working ladies. The hair up do’s are quite easy and can be created with one go. You can add variations in the front section by doing front backcombing, curls or front braids to create glamorous look.



3.High Ponytails

High ponytails can never go out of the fashion this hairstyle can be created by every girl even ladies working in home or university and college girls can create this hairstyle very easily. This hairstyle can be created with front backcombing or girls can also go for messy side ponytails or loose curls at bottom of the hairs can give a trendy look.



4.Bob Cut

Looking for short haircuts? Bob cut are the most trending hairstyle these days.lot of Pakistani celebrities have gone for short hairs. This hairstyle doesn’t need much efforts you can simply go for blunt bob cut, lob or you can add bangs with the bob cut that will give a cool look in this summers.


Make a style statement this summer by creating elegant look with different kind of braids. Managing long hairs with the trendy look is possible now a days. Braids can easily compliment long hairs .Braids can be created according to your hair length. French braid, messy braids, rope braids, fish braid all  sort of braids can be created in the summers.

Braid Dailypunch

So girls what are you waiting for? Create your favorite trendy hairstyles easily in Summer.








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