5 Ways To Keep Your Skin Moisturized In This Winter Season

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Winters and dry skin!

When winter knock on our door, the dry skin comes with it as a compliment. No matter if you have asked for it or not it is for you. And dry skin can be very irritating and bad for you. All we do in winters is through our selves in the bottles of moisturizer but still, we feel dry af. Why is that? because moisturizer is not the only way to keep your skin moisturized. You need to follow many other tips to keep your skin soft, moisturized and glowy.

Here is what you need to do

Stop taking hot showers!

Yes, the first step is to stop taking super hot showers because they dry out your skin like crazy. Super hot water removes natural oils from your skin so the more you shower with hot water the more your skin gets dry. So try to keep the temperature normal.

Load yourself with moisturizer!

Choose the products of your skin type and reapply them whenever your skin feels dry. Keep a moisturizer with you. In your bag or on your desk. And moisturize right after a shower, moisturizers are designed to lock in the moisture when the skin is moist. Winter means moisturizers!


When you exfoliate, your dead tissue from your skin gets removed leaving a supple skin behind. On which a moisturizer works wonders. So, exfoliate every now and then. But yes make sure not to over exfoliate.

Also, you can make some scrubs yourself at home with honey and sugar!

Keep a chapstick!

It’s not about just skin, it’s about your lips too, okay? It’s important. Keep a chapstick with you always. And scrub your lips every now and then. It’s a holy grail for the winter season.

Drink water!

Drink enough water to keep your skin moisturized. Never stay dehydrated or you will ruin your skin. Our body is made up of water so better keep it that way. This is the most important step.

Happy winter!

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