5 Weird Questions Every Invigilator Ask During Viva

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We are sure everybody of you have faced those irrelevant questions during viva. The best part was always coming across some awkward statements from invigilator. The questions are even complex than physics Numericals and you can’t even escape that scene. And that Lab environment during viva, no can describe that scene, totally KHUSHAKK !

There are the 5 weird questions every invigilator ask…….

1. Aapkay walid sahab kya kartay hain ?

Like what the samosaaa ! Is it viva or rishta interview ?

2. Kya Aap Abdul majeed sahab k betay hain ? ohh wo toh hamaray puranay dost hain !!

Like in every viva someone find out their hidden uncles, which they never knew before,

3. Beta,  Aap log kitnay bhai bhen hain ?

You never know was it physics viva or some rishta aunty’s trick to trap you !!

4. Shakal se toh parhanay walay nhi lagtay, Matric main kya percentage thi ?

With every new question he gets even complex than maths Theorems and you have no idea where you are gonna stand after this viva.

5. Acha yeh batao, science apni marzi se liya ya ama ki khuwish pe ?

For a second you just feel like running out of lab, matlab kuch bhi, yeh viva hai ya mera job interview !

Aisay sawal toh phupho bhi nhi poochti aajakl !

These were the few questions, we are sure you guys have faced even funnier than these questions. Let us know about your funny viva face off with your invigilator.

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Paras Waswani