6 Things You Will Enjoy If You Absolutely Love Winters

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After snoozing off my alarm around 3 times every day I finally wake up from bed realising I just have 15 minutes to get ready for office, urging to sleep some more, I have to skip my breakfast again and get lectured by mom as I get ready! But then, IT’S WINTERS and it’s a bit of struggle to leave your warm bed and blanket right? I love winters for the joys it brings with chilly mornings, cold breezes, pitch dark nights, hot cups of coffee to share with my loved ones, bonfire with friends and family and other joyful delights.

The mirth of winter season is that it not only freshens your mood, but offers things which of course summers can never bring. Here are some wintry stuff which all winter lovers can relate to:

1- Winter Clothing:

The love for cosy winter clothes. Cool hoodies, mufflers, warm jackets, cute little socks, shoes and other stuff. Winter clothing can be super stylish!

2- Snowy Season:

Besides bringing the sereneness winter is a season to make beautiful memories because nature itself turns alluring. This is really a good time for people who love snowy season and have waited for long to unpack their skating kits.


3- Best season for Photography:

If one is a nature lover, you must opt to travel in winters to photograph the magnificent glory of nature, the roadsides in winter become more interesting and one wishes to enjoy repetitively. When discussing about nature in winters who can forget the beautiful rain and snowy season spreading joy all over.

4- Travelling Diaries:

People who belong to Pakistan wait for long for winters to arrive and as soon as winters arrive they pack their bags and head out with loved ones to explore the beauty of nature especially Kashmir – The Snowy wonderland!

5- Food Diaries:

When its winters who can resist themselves from the mouthwatering dessert “GAJAR KA HALWA”, the ever so tasty dry fruits, sipping a bowl of soup and juicy ORANGES which is not only the fruit of the season but is also beneficial to eat.

6- Bonfire:

Writing about winters and not mentioning bonfire would be like leaving the blog incomplete. If one is planning for an entertaining party in winter, bonfire brings the exquisite pleasure for the party attendees where they can all sit around the fire munching and giggling for the next few hours.

PESHAWAR, PAKISTAN, JAN 07: People warm their hands on bonfire to save themselves from cold waves of winter season after downpour in Peshawar last night. (Fahad Pervez/PPI Images).


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