9 Things a working women must carry in her purse

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Most of us (women) don’t care what we’re bringing with us in our purses until we find ourselves in trouble. Like yesterday, I was wearing a pair of my darling khussas (kinda desi pumps) and all of I sudden I felt that they were wounding me up on the back of my feet. And damn! there I was, not able to walk even a little cause my “darling khussas” were literally killing me now. And in that pain at that very moment, I had an idea that why shouldn’t I get myself an uber and all of a sudden a thought hit me again (the painful one) that I’ve no effing credit in my phone & I didn’t buy a spare card to keep in my purse. So, now I just needed a band-aid to fix that up & to be able to at least walk to the bus stand. Devastated-unorganized-me realized that I should always keep a band-aid or other important stuff in my purse. Painfull lesson learned. Not only me but every working woman or a college/university going girl too must have these things in their purses that I’m listing below.


Band-aid will not only save you from scrapes or cuts but will

also save you from your new painful shoes.

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2.Spare credit card for your phone

Always! always keep a spare credit card for your phone. It’ll not only help you when you get dumbed by your sim card company but will also rescue you in emergencies. So that whenever you’re out and got stuck somewhere, you can always make a call to someone for help.

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3.Safety pins

Keep a bunch of safety pins in your bag. They are the lifesaver.  Even if you get a seam or a button pop while you’re out, you can always count on safety pins. They’ll be there for you.

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4.Tissue papers

Imagine a sneeze is coming and you don’t have a tissue paper being in public *nightmare* right. So, keep a pack of these reputation-savers with you.

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5.Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is a must.

What if you and your friend stop somewhere to eat Gol-gappay & you know that your hands are loaded with germs. In that scenario, the one who will be the hero is the sanitizer in your purse.


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Hand cream will keep your hands moisturized and you won’t be feeling weird & uncomfortable dry hands because the cream will keep them soft. So, do choose a best one for you.


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7.Bloating paper

Bloating paper are papers that absorb excess sweat, shine or oil from your face. So, keep them with you if you’re going to spend a long day out.

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8.Breath freshener

In any situation, a bad breath is a huge turn-off. So, always keep some gums or mints in your purse.

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9.Healthy snack

You might miss your lunch at work. So, keep a healthy snack in your purse that you may need later. Like my blood-sugar gets low so easily, if I miss a meal or don’t eat properly. In that case, I always need a healthy snack because I hate being dizzy in public.

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Be safe and be organized ladies! 

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