A fan sent the video of street cricket asking for decision from ICC, and they replied!

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Cricket is something Pakistani’s play and follow religiously. Every galli and sandy ground full of spectators and players are the evident of this reality. A recent video shared on the official Facebook page of ICC is telling the similar story.

A fan named Hamza from village of Sindh,Pakistan sent the video to ICC official page asking for ruling and they replied him and even shared his video on official page.

This gesture by ICC was praised by many and people even recognized the passion for the game in Pakistan.


And you know when the ball is in the hands of Pakistani, actually we exhibit the quality of taming a ball.

Few people even suggested boy the perks of street cricket!


And ICC replied with amazing words.


The irony is, how magically ball is attracted towards the wickets!


ICC replied the fan boy with its ruling and even mentioning the law 32.1, which states ”The striker is out Bowled if his/her wicket is put down by a ball delivered by the bowler”.

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