A glimpse to Bebo’s childhood

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Are you a Bollywood beauty Kareena Kapoor aka Bebo’s fan?’


The queen of Bollywood, the gorgeous wife of Saif Ali Khan (chotay nawab) and the mother of a beautiful child, Taimoor Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor; is owning the Bollywood industry for more than a decade now. Having millions of fan following over the world, she has been killing with her gorgeous beauty and amazing acting skills.

Are you curious to know; how does she used to look in her childhood? Was she this beautiful since ever or when the puberty hit her? for the answer, we’ve collected some of her childhood pictures.

Let’s have a glimpse of Kareena’s beauty from the very begining:


The tiniest yet the prettiest Bebo <3

Source: Google

ayeee :*

The teenage Bebo,

With family!

Source: Google

When she was around 7-8



The sweet sisterhood <3

With the daddy Randhir Kapoor!



with the Bollywood legend Salman Khan.


Okay, so she is and was pretty since forever. She’s mesmerizing, right? She surely have lost quite a lot of weight tough.

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