A Mistake Sends Google Data To China And Russia

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The Google users reported the interruption on YouTube and non reach-ability of some services of search giant for more than an hour on Monday and the reason that occurred was the misdirected Google data to China and Russia.

The researcher of Thousand Times, Ameet Naik said in a blog post, “This incident at a minimum caused a massive denial of service to G Suite and Google Search. However, this also put valuable Google traffic in the hands of ISPs in countries with a long history of Internet surveillance.”

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The speculations of cyber-attack being made, however, Google quickly began the investigation and declined all news of any sort of attack.

The Mistake of Data Misdirection

The misdirection of Google data to China and Russia happened when MainOne cable updated their address book in Nigeria for network hardware.

“traffic to certain Google destinations appears to be routed through an ISP in Russia & black-holed at a China Telecom gateway router.” Said Thousand Eyes.

China Telecom, Russia internet provider Trans-telecom and Nigerian’s MainOne were the companies involved in the mistake of data misdirection, according to Thousand Eyes.

Nigeria-provider MainOne admitted the mistake and said that it had been made during an upgrading of the network. MainOne tweeted; “This was an error during a planned network upgrade due to a misconfiguration on our BGP filters. The error was corrected within 74mins & processes put in place to avoid reoccurrence”

The networking mistake certainly means the wrong-way route of traffic. Google claimed that it had already figured out the error and blame the mistake on the incorrect routing of Data.

Search engine giant told the Wall Street Journal about the confirmation of data safety and claimed that no data was compromised during the incident.

A spokesperson from Google also informed the Tech Website Ars Technica, said that all the misdirected data has encrypted that limit the damages of being stolen.

So far the Google has no apparent reason to believe on any malicious intent behind the misdirected data incident.

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