Aamir khan in trouble once again after the claim by British beautician of cheating

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Boxer Amir Khan frequently stays in headlines and he is back again with another scandal.

Pakistani origin British boxer, Amir Khan is in trouble once again. Its like scandals follows him all the time and it’s hard for him to stay away from headlines. A few months back he was blessed with a baby girl and now a woman has came forward alleging Amir khan for affair and physical relationship.

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Sophia Hammani a 22 years old British beautician has came forward and claimed that Amir has cheated on his wife. She further stated that Amir khan had one night stand with her, they both met in night club. Sophia claimed that she wasn’t aware of Amir’s marriage and his family.

Sophia told sun “He makes me sick. I cannot believe this man. He’s disgusting. He slept with me and his wife had just given birth. I nearly threw up when I saw they were still together. I felt so used.”

She even claimed that former world boxing champion, just left her with £20 for taxi after their night stand together. Sophia found out about Amir’s family on his official Instagram account after all this happened and it was quite shocking for her.

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But Amir Khan have slam all claims of cheating his wife Faryal.


However, no picture or video has emerged on social media as proof by Sophia. Things and claims are still uncertain and has no validity. In an interview with Tribune, Faryal – wife of Amir Khan revealed,

“If people say they don’t have problems in marriages, they are lying because that is impossible. The thing is, people like us are always in the public eye so we can’t hide anything either,” she said. “Mistakes happen with all of us but Amir and I put everything behind us. My husband is my best friend.”

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