Abdul Jabbar Bhatti: The 4th Pakistani To Conquer Mount Everest

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Age is just a number for this Pakistani man who recently conquered Everest. Abdul Jabbar Bhatti is a retired Army officer, who recently achieved the title of the fourth Pakistani to summit the Mount Everest. Before this Nazir Sabir, Hasan Sadpara and Samina Baig have scaled world’s highest peak.

He is a respected mountain climber and the winner of  Tamgha-e-Basalat. Formerly he has also scaled Broad Peak, Gasherbrum 2 Peak and Spantik Peak.

However, it was sad that this mountaineer didn’t receive any special ceremonial welcome from any government officials.

Abdul Jabbar Bhatti’s Remarkable Journey

Bhatti arranged all the finance of the journey by himself without getting any help from the officials. Further revealing about his journey, he mentioned how his porter mistakenly carried one oxygen tank instead of two or more. Due to this, Bhatti had to spend one night without oxygen at the height of 8500 meters, which could have resulted in a slow death.

Bhatti’s carrier stated via social media that Bhatti was forcing to climb the mountain despite the bad weather. But Bhatti denied this statement and he told BBC Urdu,

“The porter asked me to stand down when we were still not very high up the mountain. I asked him why he wasted my time and money if he couldn’t scale the mountain. When we reached closer to the summit, we ran out of oxygen and the weather was also becoming unfavourable. That’s when I told him we should go back down, but he insisted we should climb to the top.”

His journey ended dramatically; he was fatigued and in terrible need of rescue. Bhatti went through a week-long medical treatment after arriving back from his journey in Kathmandu. He also acknowledged the effort and hospitality of the locals during his visit.

Nonetheless, Bhatti was not alone in his journey. His colleague Saad was also present in this journey but unfortunately he had called it off due to his injured friend.

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