You Don’t Wanna Miss Patari Tabeer’s Amazing Track: The Sibbi Song ft. SomeWhatSuper & Abid Brohi

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‘Patari’ and ‘Abid Brohi’ are probably the most spoken words in the Pakistani Music sphere nowadays. Patari has come up with an incredible initiative to introduce new music talent in Pakistan, called Patari Tabeer. Though it is the second project after Patari Aslis, this one has taken the internet by storm…

What exactly is Patari?

Patari is Pakistan’s first ever music portal. It was created in September 2014 with the sole prupose of promoting Pakistani music. It provides users with a one-stop-platform for all local music and also enables them to discover new songs and explore a range of playlists and recommendations. Musicians can promote their songs on the website too.

To add to the fun, the team behind also has a great sense of humor! In their own words, Patari is:

‘A doodh jalebi awesome platform for discovering and streaming Pakistani music’


‘The largest portal of Pakistani music under the sun – Prettier than Mathira, cooler than Meera, and so simple your cat will be headbanging to Abida Parveen in no time!’


The Patari Tabeer Project

Patari recently launched this project. The team tells us about it in the following words:

Patari Tabeer is a stage for unsung Pakistani voices.

It is the culmination of six dreams. We brought together voices from those areas of Pakistan that the mainstream forgets about, and paired them with top producers to make six amazing songs. They include a sweeper from Islamabad, a rapper from Lyari, a peon from Sukkur, a tea-seller from Sibbi, a young girl from Peshawar and nomadic singers from inner Sindh’


The Patari core team (Source: Facebook)

So, Who Is Abid Brohi And What Is All The Hype About?

Patari just released the first single of the series called The Sibbi Song. It features the sensational Lahore based DJ duo, SomeWhatSuper and  a new rapper called Abid Brohi. SomeWhatSuper has created a rocking tune, to which Abid raps. He has written the rap himself and has also infused an old Sindhi song Katay milta saeen’ into it. The song is basically about how people of different areas (Sukkur, Larakana, Hyderabad and Jhatpatt, Balochistan) are.

Everybody has been blown away by this track, to the extent of calling Abid ‘Pakistan’s Eminem/Tupac/King of Rap’!


— Patari (@patarimusic) January 18, 2017

The interesting thing is that Abid used to work as an errand boy, a cloth salesman, a snack-seller and a labourer before he became a rapper.

Abid, half Sindhi and half Balochi, is from Sibbi, Balochistan. He does not know how to read or write but has taught himself how to rap. After a heartbreak he faced, Abid started singing about 10 years ago. He can sing in Sindhi, Urdu and Punjabi and a little bit in Balochi and Persian as well.  Not only can he produce original lyrics, but can also rap in the way the international rappers do, adopting the style and the body language amazingly well.

Abid has been working odd jobs and singing at weddings and carnivals. However, things changed for him when recently. Someone with connections in the music industry discovered this raw talent. Consequently, he landed a chance to collaborate with established musicians as part of this project. Abid states that Bohemia has inspired him and that he dreams of performing in Coke Studio someday.

Abid Brohi (Source: The News)

Here, Enjoy A Glimpse Of The Song:

[Every time you play this song, Abid will be given royalties. Additionally, it will carve the way for many other undiscovered talents to make their dreams come true!]

Listen to the full audio version here:

Well, that was a pleasant surprise and we hope that the rest of the series is as impressive as this track. Thumbs up to Patari for bringing our local talent to the limelight!

The rocking Somewhat Super duo (Source: The News)

In the meanwhile, let’s not forget to appreciate SomeWhatSuper for their awesome music. (They might be feeling a little overshadowed by Abid!)


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