Actor Faizan Sheikh calls out Moomal production and Hum Tv

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Actor Faizan Sheikh calls out Moomal production and Hum Tv

Faizan Sheikh is a new face in our entertainment industry. He has done a lot of work and has been in numerous shows. He is famous for his sitcom “Ready Steady Go” in which the caste has his mother Parveen Akbar as well.

Faizan just came up with a letter and posted on his Facebook in which he is calling out Moomal production and Hum Tv

Here’s what Faizan wrote

“To baat kuch yun hain ke Rabya Kulsoom Rehan jo ke meri choti behen hain, aur main jo ke aik maamooli sa actor hun shayad, aur hum dono jo ke aik mazeed maamooli si actor Parveen Akbar ke bachay hain ke saath aik ajeeb waqiya paish aaya hai…!!

Moomal Production jo ke bohat naamwar production house hai, rabya ko unke project Meer Abro main cast kia gaya jo is waqt HUM TV per on air hai..taqreeban 90% kaam karne ke baat AD Saif Khan ne unse 4 dates maangeen jo rabya ne deen aur un per kaam bhi shoot ke baad kaam 90 se 95% tak complete ho chuka tha..

Rabya poori production ko 1-month pehle se inform kar chuki thi ke uski traveling aarahi hai and its important, and it cannot be skipped.

Rabya was threatened by Anila Mushtaq that if she leaves the country and doesn’t shoot, HUM TV will ban her and she will never be cast by anyone in the industry. Furthermore, HUM TV will get her UK visa canceled.

AD saif khan, shouted on her and tried to harass her on set by being loud and pushy.

Rabya left the set with tears and its unfortunate that I wasn’t in the country when all this happened. After all of this, my mom gotta call and everybody apologized including anila and saif.

They said we want to complete the project and we are stuck. Rabya has 40 scenes left and its the wind up of the project so its important. My mom still accepted the apology and asked rabya to join her as soon as shes back.

People who have worked with my mother, very well know how professional she is. Rabya came back and joined the set and the work was completed in just 1 day with 10 scenes only and the project was completed.


rabya got her final cheque which was supposed to be 182K and she got a cheque of only 30K with a letter from moomal production with the break down of all the expenses they had to bear in order to shoot with rabya’s body double meanwhile she was away.

To my shock, I read it and was surprised to see the content of the letter, it had expenses like generator rent, eng camera rent, car rent, body doubles fee as well as food rent.

I was sad and surprised at the same time to see this. Not because HUM TV is a reputable channel, but because Moomal is a known production house and to top it all, my mom has worked in this industry for all of her life.

is this right? is this justified?

Yes, there can be a dispute between an actor and a production house but is this the way out?? is this how newcomers or any actor should be treated??

Just because rabya comes from an educated background and has never used her mother’s name as an influence to get casted, she will be treated like this??


I am going to return this cheque to Moomal Production and I hope they can make the best use of it for their upcoming projects.


Moomal Kazi-ShunaidSherjeel ChoudhryKashan AhmedHira AnwarMomina DuraidDuraid QureshiSultana SiddiquiMahesh Waswani

p.s. Furqan Adam – afsos aur taajub huwa aapka sun ker bhi

Here’s the letter

Apparently, its a case of unjust with Faizan’s sister who is an actress as well.

Other actors came up in support and commented on the post.

Here are the comments

Faisal Qureshi commented in support with a suggestion and further tagged more celebrity friends


Aijaz Aslam, Syed Jibran and Shahood Alvi also agreed with Faisal’s advice

And another actor commented claiming that the production hasn’t paid him as well

What are your thoughts on this? share with us in the comments below.

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