Should You Actually Quit Your Job And Start Travelling?

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Before we get started, let me put this straight; anyone who tells you to quit your job today and start travelling the world clearly needs to get their head in place. And if you read it on an internet meme and your mind actually took you places, you need to cut the wire, before you find yourself looking for another job, following a few weeks of vacation.

Not bursting your bubble but…

Don’t get me wrong; being a travel enthusiast, I encourage travelling as much as any other trainer, book, or an internet post out there. But quitting your job for this is by far the worst piece of advice anyone could ever offer.

We don’t quit jobs to travel.

Well, why not?

Firstly, you don’t quit your job, only because you want to travel the world, because that’s just not how things work, unless someone from your family ranks amid the richest people in the world, and are willing to finance you forever. Besides, travelling for lengthy schedules, we are talking weeks and months here, isn’t for everyone, which just adds to why you should NOT quit your job to travel. Oh, and for the record, taking a 10-day vacation to Maldives does not really count as ‘travelling the world.’

Besides, the whole idea would cost more than you think it would. Do you really have the finances to turn in your resignation letter tomorrow and hit the road? If not, you’re going to need some hefty savings, and this could take years. If you find it hard to wait, you are going to need to save more, or perhaps, a side-job to make the process quicker.

Start travelling, but when you are ready

As fascinating as it sounds, if quitting the job and travelling was easy, we would see as many airplanes flying around as taxis, carrying more people than you see on a busy New York City subway. What you are being sold in the form of internet memes is nothing but false reality. All you see is quality photos on an Instagram profile of someone who did it; rest assured, it is nothing more than the highlight reel!

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