Adam Jama Waberi Coach of GSA talked about the Bleak Situation of Pakistan Football

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Adam Jama Waberi (Adamjee) Coach of Gulshan Soccer Academy, “Football is like an oxygen” Via ARY Sports

Adam jama waberi

Adam Jama Waberi mostly known as Adamjee is originally from Djibouti. Adamjee moved to Pakistan back in 1998 for his higher education, his love and passion for football drove him to establish a Gulshan Soccer Academy in 2006, later on which was registered as Gulshan Soccer Club in 2010.

 Football was commonly known as the game of Baloch people but with the time things have changed rapidly, now it is the second most popular sport in Pakistan. It is like an oxygen for the young generation of this country. Despite of  the bleak situation, international ban and lack of resources the love for the game is unmatchable, people like Adam Jama Waberi (Adamjee) are the main pillars for such passion for the game. 

A country where cricket is the only prevailing sport and it has even overthrew other famous and also national sport of the country, Football is striving. Whereas, individuals are trying their best to show world the love and passion for the Football. Adamjee is one of them who manages his club and academy, a man coming from totally another continent but connected by the love and passion for the game.

Lately talking to the ARY sports, Adamjee putted forward the several reasons for the adverse condition of football in Pakistan.

He explained his journey that what football means to him and with the time he even met people with the mutual interest, which drove him to the establishment of his academy.

“Kaafi arsay k baad mujhay nazar aya waqai football khelnay wala hai, or football grounds hai he nhi magar kahin na kahin larkay football khelta hai enjoye karta hai, toh yahan se mera football life start huwa. Phr main aagay move huwa, kuch log shog jo football ko bohat, har cheez manta hai, football unka life hai, football unka marna jeena hai”

His remarks shows that there is immense talent and passion for the football in Pakistan and Adamjee even stated that Liyari is the Brazil of Asia. He also mentioned the lack of resources and scope of football in the country. 

Lights on Hain, scope bhi hai. but why nazar nhi ata ? why coverage nhi hota ? 

Adamjee very bluntly said that media is also responsible for this situation of football in the country, because media is the most powerful and influential tool. 

Do you guys agree with the Adamjee ? He is contributing and doing his best for young generation and their passion for football.

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