Add these seeds in your daily diet to boost your overall health

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In today’s world of junk and unhygienic food, we are far away from healthy food. The more nutrients our body need the minimum we are consuming. All we do is opt for a burger instead of leafy green vegetables and end up worsening our gut and overall health. We have no idea how many nutrients we can find simply in these tiny seeds.

So, here, we are simply going to share the unlimited and uncountable nutritional benefits of them.


What flax seed can do? Flaxseed can regulate blood sugar levels and monthly cycle, can control your cholesterol and promote weight loss, high in fiber means an aid to constipation. Fight against cancer. Flax seed is rich in Omega fatty acids and B vitamins which can help you cope with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and also can enhance your beauty, it can do a huge favor like fewer wrinkles,  stronger nails, smooth skin, and healthy hair. Remember you look what you eat.


Small but packed with nutrients. Pumpkin seed can reduce inflammation in your body can treat arthritis and boost metabolism, boost metabolism helps well in digest which means helps in weight loss. Pumpkin seeds are also beneficial for mental health, it can help you cope with depression, anxiety, and even insomnia. It has the capacity to fight against cancer cells. You know what role zinc plays in our life, pumpkin seeds are full of it. So, that zinc in it helps you achieve flawless skin.

Also, it has been proved that pumpkin seeds can nourish your heart. So, have a happy heart.


They may look tiny but they can change your health in a every good way. The tastiest seeds I can say, packed with nutrients and minerals. The immune booster, the heart savior, a good nervous system, and stress fighter. So, do you think it’s fine to leave such benefits when it is so easy to add them to your diet?

All these seeds are rich in Magnesium, zinc, Omega 3, B vitamins, Lignans, copper, and Iron and all of these are so so important if you want to heal PCOS or hormonal imbalances. These are all antioxidants and anti-inflammation which means the best gut health.

These seeds can help you to fill the dietary deficiencies that your body needs. Good health means good mood and good mood means a good day!

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