The Cursed Celebration: Aerial Firing Costing Pakistan Innocent Lives

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Warning: This post includes disturbing images.

Our every celebration starts with the aerial firing, whether it is the 14th of August or  events such as Pakistan’s win in cricket against India. The same situation happened soon after the recent occasion of Pakistan defeating India in the ICC Champions Trophy 2017.  Not just one city but whole country heard the gunshots of the celebratory aerial firing.

The Life Taking Celebration

Hockey may be our national game. But cricket is the game which the Pakistanis take to their hearts. During any intense match, every single person is emotionally involved with the team playing on the ground. People get way too upset when we lose. And if we win, well, there are endless celebrations. Sadly, for some people, this celebration turns out be full of sorrow when the gunfire hits somebody. In our society, we have unfortunately set some standards of celebrations for every moment without even considering the results.

The issue is that authorities don’t focus on such cases while it is something that must be brought under the law. The the relationship of patriotism and aerial firing is debatable. Almost every individual is the license holder of a gun although this act is a violation of the law. The situation becomes much more dire when even the members of the assemblies are culprits of this act.

A Recent Tragedy of Aerial Firing

Due to the celebratory aerial firing recently, a boy named Hussain Raza lost his life in Karachi. The unknown shot of aerial firing that he accidentally encountered left him struggling  for his life in the hospital. However, he soon succumbed to his wounds. It is extremely sad that when the whole nation was celebrating, Hussain and his family were dealing with something traumatic.

This is what Hussain’s teacher posted on Facebook after the news broke out:



For some, that night was historical but for others it was devastating. There are still dozens of similar cases which are not even reported. Many families are dealing with that sorrow on their own.

At least 30 cases were registered in Peshawar alone. Moreover, the Facebook page of College Of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan LEAKs also posted various reports of similar incidents from hospitals all over the country that night. Here are some posts that the doctors made on Facebook, to show the seriousness of the issue:


We cannot put every blame on the government and officials. It should be our responsibility also to spread awareness regarding such issues. Moreover, we should all refrain from doing such careless acts. Firing shots in the air is no way to celebrate. It is high time that we all realize this.

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Paras Waswani