Afridi Lala Caught On Camera Having Naswaar And People Are Losing It

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Boom Boom did what?

Shahid Afridi aka Boom Boom is almost everyone’s favorite; an amazing spinner and an aggressive batsman. Among his lots of achievement he holds the record of the fastest ODI century on 37 balls and scoring 32 runs in an over.

People chants “Boom Boom” when he enters the ground. He has always been the center of attention. But the attention which he got yesterday was a bit different. how? because he got caught on camera having Naswar when he was attending the Defence Day event at the GHQ yesterday and Pakistani Awaam is losing their minds.

As always people on social media has so much to say and they are being hilarious!

Here are some of the tweets!

All thanks to Sharjeel Memon.



Afridi unintentionally set some Goals!


Haters will say it was a Naswaar!

Curiosity on the peak!


 Some Business ideas hmm!


Oh my god lol


Khan’s are proud of him <3


Shahid Afridi was trending on top instead of Defence day! Waah


However, we are no one to judge him. It’s his life and his matter. We should refrain ourselves to judge people regarding what they do in their personal lives. He is having his time and his Naswaar, what’s the big deal?

Anyway, you can watch the video clip here.



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