After Aurat March men hit back with Mard March and it’s breaking the Internet

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Aurat March happened on an 8th of march where women held multiple banners. The Women March faced backlash by many people for the type of placards they held. Ao Khana Sath Banaen, Khana Mai Garam Karloongi, Bistar Khud Garam Karna, and many other. It evoked quite a lot of anger and controversy on social media.  Also, men found these placards offensive.

And now in response, Pakistani men are all set to have their own–Mard March. Not only this, they came up with their own–Mard March placards too.

Pakistani men held the Mard March to highlight the problems that they face too.

Here we have some of the pictures of men holding their witty placards










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