After watching this, I Realized We Karachities Actually Deserve Heatstrokes

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I planted a tree 3 years back…

Karachi has been facing crucial climatic changes and heat strokes for 4-5 years now. Just this year 65 people lost their lives to the heat. We are facing extreme lack of rain, and for this regard, people all over in Karachi are trying their best to plant trees on their own.

Even before all that, back in 2016, I planted a tree in front of my house too. At that time the reason to plant this tree wasn’t any other than our love for plants and greenery. My mother loves plants and she planted it in a bucket first. He grew 5 ft and I ask Amma, what if we plant it in front of our house? She obviously said yes but was concerned that the front part belong’s to our neighbors and they might have some issues with it. But as it was just a garage, there was no point of worrying.  And it was going to be planted in the street without creating any trouble.

Anyway, I and my family always wanted to be surrounded by a lot of greenery. So, as planned we planted the 5 ft young chinaberry tree commonly known as Darek in front of our home. Every member of the family took care of it and it grew into a mature tree just in a year.

My grown-up baby.

It was the first ever and the only tree in my street. It doesn’t just change the whole look of the street but also attracted many people around. Many people actually changed their routes and prefer our street for their way because of the shade and peace.

A dozen cats live on this tree and it’s like their safe place when the shararti kids throw stones on them.

There lives a pair of crows, who’ve been living on this tree for years now. The teen-dabby wala’s, and other street vendors have always been seen resting under this baby.  Not only this, many other people have started planting trees in our street because they were so inspired by it.

Well, this is what happened to it later 

Where many people praised us for planting him, some impugned us as well.

And their reasons were so weird like; one of the neighbors said to cut out the branches as the mosquitoes go through them in their house 🙂  I mean seriously?? mosquitoes walk on the branches to go into their house? They are always looking for an excuse to just cut it down. And they finally got a reason to do so.

Now some shadi is happening in their family and they started chopping down it’s longest branches. The sound of its branches been cutting down and falling was unbearable as it’s like our baby. We took care of it, we planted it, we loved it. I just took a glance and couldn’t bear it and cried the crap out of me. My whole family was heartbroken but we couldn’t say anything, as it was planted in front of their garage (the biggest mistake).

The other jahalat that I noticed that people started throwing garbage under it around its trunk like it was for that purpose?

I don’t know why people don’t understand that plants are living beings too. After this, I realize people like these, actually deserve heatstrokes. I know I’m being harsh but this is it.

Here are the videos

In the end, I would say do plant more trees as its a monsoon season


Uzma Atta

A criminologist who happened to be a writer!

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