Here’s how Ahad Raza Mir responded to CBA’s parody video of an add with Sajal

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Ahad Responds to CBA’s Parody of His Latest Commercial with Sajal Aly and here’s what happened

Almost every Pakistan’s favorite media couple Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly were seen in the latest coke commercial. The new campaign add #CocaColaShaadiAurHumTum had the Shaadi theme and the couple looked absolutely adorable.

However, the couple’s cuteness was also caught by someone else. And that was Arsalan Naseer. Yes, the Arsalan who is famous for making hilarious parody videos of Bollywood songs and Pakistani adds on his page. And the page is called Comics by Arsalan (CBA) where he posts the parody videos.

CBA is all about pointing out the details of the commercials and analyzing them in a hilarious way. Before starting the parody for this one he also mentioned that he personally love the couple and the ad too but it was highly requested by viewers so he had to do it.

So, just yesterday he decided to post the parody of  Ahad and Sajal’s coke commercial.

So, Here it is
And here’s how Ahad Raza Mir responded in his tweet


Ahad actually likes it and praised CBA for the video.

And in reply to Ahad CBA tweeted


And here’s the original commercial

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