AIG on the hit list after allegedly harassing a couple in Karachi

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AIG Harasses Couple

Yesterday a video of a couple being harassed went viral on social media by what appears to be a convoy of Police vehicles accompanied by Assistant Inspector General Kamran Afzal. The couple was allegedly said to be overtaking AIG.


Additional Inspector General Kamran Fazal

The couple started to record video as soon as the policemen approached them, demanding them to step outside of the car and face the AIG which the duo refused to do so.


As stated by the couple they were minding their own business, probably on their way to home. Furthermore, the couple affirmed themselves as senior citizens.

The scenario took place near sunset boulevard 13th Central Street. The Video ended with the phone being snatched by the person sitting in the car allegedly, Kamran Afzal.

However, its neither the first nor the last incident of Sindh police behaving as goons towards innocent citizens,until and  unless strict actions are being taken against these types of police officers, people will have to suffer with the same situation constantly.

Its high time that people should raise awareness in the society for their individual rights.

Reaction from fellow citizens





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