Aima Baig Has Announced Something About Arif & We All Are Super Excited

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The coke studio Artist Aima Baig has something to say to us!

First of all, Aima is a goddess! no?

And do you know the new Pakistani “Arjit”? yes, yes the painter who sings just like “Sonu Nigam” and “Arjit Sing” I mean like literally. Muhammad Arif belongs to Mirpur but currently working here in Karachi as a painter. Arif recently got famous when he was singing while doing his work (painting the walls) and one of the guy who owns a facebook page “Akbar Tweets” made his video and posted it on his page with the caption,

‘This deserves to go viral’!


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And it actually happened. Arif’s videos started like a flood all over the Internet, he got praised not only in Pakistan but by India too. People @coketsudio are to give him a chance. Everybody was promoting him on every other social media platform.

Thus Arif started his own page where he posts and keeps people updated about him.

After all that, Arif got the invitation from Geo news for an interview!


And now, the coke studio sensation Aima Baig confirmed that she will be singing with Arif this coming 14th of August.

He’s a Pakistani talent, so why not promote him.

said Aima.

Here is the video!


Arif is going to get a full make over by Nabeela’s and Muneeb Nawaz, said Aima. Social media can make stars!

We wish you good luck Arif for your big day! 




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