Ali Hamza One Half Of The Popular Band Noori Would be Producing Coke Studio 11

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Last year after the departure of former producer of Coke Studio “Strings”, people were eager to know that who would be next. There were rumors that Noori would be tacking over the Coke studio 11, but after so much speculations the news popped up that Noori has no plan to produce Coke Studio 11. It was top talk of the town that who will be the next face of the Pakistan’s top music show.

Ali Hamza is the new man of the Coke Studio 11..

But now it looks like the news which was circulating all over social media was based upon facts not speculations. It has been now official that, Ali Hamza one part of the Noori band will be leading this season. Alongside Ali Hamza, the legendary musician Zohaib Kazi will also be the producer of the season 11. And Coke studio confirmed this in their Facebook post,

The man behind the melodious song of the last season Tinak Dhin is all set to lead the Coke Studio.

Coke Studio 11

Ali Noor unfortunately would be out of this through out the season due to his commitment towards his some own projects. So, finally it is the time of the year, where fans of the Noori will be celebrating because back then after the departure of Strings, a lot of people took it to twitter and demanding Noori to lead the Coke Studio season 11.

Now the new era of coke studio is on the edge, people would be expecting some next level from Ali Hamza and Zohaib, because the benchmark has been set by the last producers.

So are you excited for the Coke Studio 11 and the new duo? Let us know in comments below..

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Paras Waswani