Ali Saleem got arrested in Karachi and here’s how Twitteraties reacted

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Ali Saleem aka Begum Nawazish in trouble

Ali Saleem aka Nawazish Ali got arrested yesterday for possessing liquor and allegedly indulging in suspicious activities. The well-known TV celebrity and entertainer Ali was drinking with his friend in a guest house. Which is located in Clifton Karachi. Where Clifton police raided & arrested both him and his friend Ateeq-ur-Rehman.

Meera jee also came out to rescue Ali Saleem. While talking to Express Tribune: Meera said that she was present there when it all happened and we (Meera and Ali) were there for a shoot. And all the liquor bottles were props. And they were going to be used in the shooting.

Ali Saleem is out on bail though. But this news spread like a fire on all the social media platforms, and people made hilarious comments! Everyone is calling the alcohol as honey and oil, you know Sharjeel Memon Wala scene right.

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