Mohammed Amir Is The Toughest Bowler He Faced Says “Virat Kohli”

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Virat kohli recently praised Mohammed Amir in a talk show.

Bollywood star Aamir Khan host of the show asked Virat Kohli, Is there any bowler who’s hard to face?

Virat Kohli said,Mohammed Amir is the Best bowler he ever faced in today’s cricket. He also stated that, you have to give  your “A”  game in front of him or else no chance for survival on the pitch. He is in the top two or three in the world and the toughest bowler I have faced in my career, Virat said.

Virat has always appreciate the good performances of player, regardless of their nationality, he always praises Mohammed Amir as he said earlier in the Asia cup 2016, where Amir dominated India. In the first half of Indian innings, He said, “I would like to complement Mohammed Amir for the way he bowled. I actually congratulated him while he was bowling. I was so happy to play such an amazing spell. He is a world class bowler”

In a tweet, Mohammed Amir also mention that “Kohli’s praise made my day. It was generous of him what he have said for me. It’s the sort of encouragement that you need and when it comes from a superstar like Virat, it means a lot. On the other hand, it is a big challenge for me as well because it adds to my responsibility to prove that I am worth that praise. Even before the match, he complemented me. It was very kind of him,” said Amir.

Virat Kohli also have huge fan base in Pakistan as well. There are large number of Pakistani people following him on twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. He also mentioned the love he gets from Pakistani fans it’s respectable.

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Irtiza Ahmed