Anam Tanoli posted a video about bullies and it shows how she was struggling with it

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Her message is heartbreaking

Source: Instagram

The 26-year-old model and fashion designer; Anam Tanoli came back to Pakistan from Italy just two months ago. And sadly on 1st September 2018, she found. Her body was found hanging from the ceiling fan at her residence in Defence-B area, said the law enforcers.

Apparently, it was a suicide. Later the dead body was sent to Jinnah Hospital for postmortem.

According to Anam’s friends, she was battling with severe depression & had an appointment scheduled for the same day with a therapist.

Here is the video message!

After the heartbreaking news people started sharing Anam’s photos and use them for condolence. During this, a video appeared that was some weeks old in which she addressed the issue of bullying and humiliation and ask people to do not bully others and she also gives advice to people who get bullied that do not let it bring you down and do not affect yourself because of an opinion of others. Whilst she was wearing a T-shirt saying “BACK OFF BULLIES”.


It clearly shows that Anam has been facing all these tragic issues and tried her best to fight back but eventually gave up.

On the other hand, her Instagram has been turned down after the suicide news.

Today it was Anam, tomorrow it could be any of us. Depression, Anxiety and Mental Illness is REAL.

Mental illness and its disorders are as serious as cancer. If diseases like cancer and other physical issues take on your body, mental illness sucks your soul. It may not be visible to your eyes, but never let this pain be invisible.
We need to break the barriers and combat this taboo and acknowledge mental health before we see more of suicides in the hands of depression.



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