22 – Animals not giving a damn about: Loug Kya Kaheingey!

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These animals not giving a damn about their surroundings!

Why we Pakistani take the phrase:

‘log kya kahengy’  so seriously?

We should learn from these animals, how not to give a damn about things in life and just live for a while. And fight for ourselves sometimes for whatever we love.

So, here are some animals from whom we should learn to never give a damn because at the end, nothing really happens when you do that. Here we go!


uh, dude.. you’re on me.
sorry, who’s this talking? can see no one.

worker: hey wait !
duck: Dude! I’m already in a bad mood , I had a really bad morning.
*mere mun na lag* *quack* *quack* *quack* 

I’m already tired of getting afraid of you jerks. I’m going there and let’s see what you guys will do.
*Paraa’n hatto*

This is the most bad-ass goat I’ve ever seen.

So what ? she’s just suppose to feed me. I don’t care about her problems.

Ahh! whatty good nap it was.

Just chilling here with a cup of coffee. what bout you bro?

You know what freedom feels like?
bow down you all.

if *Neend na wekhy bistra* had an actual footage.

hey there kitty, I guess we’ve accidentally switched our beds. I don’t really fit here.

who mad this? me?
Wow i’m such an artist.

*sir tou daba dou zara*



This is actually badtameezi but cute badtameezi!

or may be he accidentally stepped on it.

I love chilling in open air in these fairy lights. Do you?

damn bro! now I’ve my very own swimming pool in the center of the main city.

so what if I like to sit on living things.

You should be thankful that i’m not pissing in the car.



This badass poser goat be like

*haan bhai Jao jo karna hy krlo*

*Begum ye jaga theek hy it’s near to school as well because bachon ki taleem b zaroori hy*

Why don’t these humans pet us?  In fact we’re so deer.

You think this will scare me away? stupid human.

*This wasn’t suppose to be like this*

cat’s face at the end.


So these were the animals who don’t give a damn about the world.  In the end signing off on a good message still by animals.

Despite of the difference as species, look at these cute one’s living in peace.


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