Another case of sexual harassment. Will we ever progress as a species?

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Sexual harassment has been here ever since Eve and Adam were condemned to Earth, much to the dismay of humanity.

Only recently have the victims of sexual harassment determined that enough is enough and caused a revolution with the #MeToo movement. Speaking out is important against such perpetrators if we are to cultivate an environment that ensures social growth – irrespective of genders.

Another such incident occurred with two women, in broad daylight. 

The women were just about on their life in Khayaban-e-Shujaat, Defence Phase 8, Karachi.


The girl even managed to take some pictures of this vile excuse of a human being and the car he drove.


Pakistan remains a country where anything with the word ‘sex’ in it is considered taboo. Be it as scary as sexual harassment.

In a country where parents shush rape victims in order to salvage their honor, this lady coming out is an applaudable act. An act that defies obsolete traditions and ill reasoned stigmas that torture the victims instead of the abusers.

As soon as this was posted, social media was quick to react. The post was shared by many and mainstream news channels took notice which resulted in authorities waking up.

The focus should be on eliminating such scum of society that is hell bent on making life miserable for over half of the population.

Such troublesome individuals inhibit every corner of this country. They should be pointed out, dealt with and should be reprimanded. What is more shocking (if that even is possible) is the abundance of apparent justifications presented. People had the audacity to make an attempt to explain this inhuman behavior. All the more causes to lose faith in humanity.


One guy wanted ‘proof’ despite pictures showing EVERYTHING.

This guy thinks he’s really cool. What a sad existence.

Oh ho. Same old “she did it for the fame” accusation.

Self righteous pricks that equate freedom to dress with public masturbation. Can you feel years of frustration, too?


Twitterati schooled such fools adequately, but my concern is how long till we see harassment IS wrong?

Slowly and gradually, women are speaking up. Meesha Shafi became a beacon of hope for many Pakistani women when she called out Ali Zafar for alleged sexual harassment. Although faced with backlash, the empowered lady has refused to give in to internet trolls.

The need to encourage and support women has never been more evident as today. Women worldwide have excelled in their careers, established businesses and broken stereotypes. Any attempt to subdue them would be an exercise in futile, but would go on to show how much are we willing to progress as a species.

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