Anushka Sharma Is A Meme Now And She Is Everywhere!

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Anushka Sharma is a new meme face and it seems like it’s not ending anytime soon

Recently after Anushka’s new upcoming film Sui Dhaaga’s trailer, she has became a meme. Varun Dhawan is also in the main lead but people targetted only Anushka. Anyway, in this movie she is playing a supporting wife of an unemployed struggling husband who belongs to a poor family background.

So these were the original pictures

And here are some of the hilarious memes made on them!

She can’t even change her profile pictures now because the sec she uploads anything, people start to bombard the comment section with her memes and changes her original photo with her meme face.

Some from the pitch!

Some from the history!

Marshmallow finally revealed his face!

And then there were some of Aunty Gorment’s meme

Anushka have some serious issues, Internationally

When mom forces you to do errands!

At least now Monalisa has some expressions!


 Travelling with Salman Khan 

Traveling with Sardar Usman Buzdaar

He hates girls and Anushka is pissed!


Where is Gandhi jee from this note?

  Next Pubg!

Pareshaan Behnain!

Pareshaan Bhai!

Anushka is obsessed with vegetables!

To be honest this is gross!

  The sentimental statue of liberty! 


 Anushka is literally everywhere, even in the sea!

Even here, lol

Tricky one, spot her!

The Joker!

She got the powers!!! 

The best and the most creative one.

And the last one from Anushka, yes Bakshdo!!!

This is what is happening to all of her uploads.

The Internet is literally flooded with her memes. She has even warned people to stop with this thing but they ain’t stopping at all. Her facebook page and comments have become a meme section.

However, the movie is going to be released on the 28th of September 2018.

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