In Appreciation Of Teachers Who Are Our Spiritual Parents

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Teachers are the spiritual parents of students.

A teacher is a person who helps people to attain knowledge, competencies, and values. They enable us to gain an understanding of different prospects of life.

As said by Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”

Teachers inspire us to a great extent, sometimes even more than our own parents. It makes a huge difference on one’s personality if he or she has a good teacher to help in learning. In any education system, students are exposed to teachers from a very young and sensitive age. Therefore, our teachers play very important roles in shaping the personality of a child.

A teacher carries more responsibilities than our parents. For that reason, in all our success and achievements teachers must be acknowledged the most.

This is because they deserve all that credit. They do not only give us good manners and knowledge but they also deal with us gently. During times when we act stubbornly and throw tantrums, when we do not perform well or show interest in learning, they stay calm and humble and treat us with patience.

And it’s not that teachers only act like that with younger children. No matter at what stage you are in, you will find them the same way. After leaving school and during our higher studies, they act as our guides and mentors. They help us to recognize our own capabilities and talents. Our teachers help shape our futures as they also  assist us in choosing our career.



When our teachers criticize us, many feel negatively about it. However, we should always keep in mind that it is nothing but constructive criticism. All they want is to see us succeed. They have the best of intentions behind their feedback and want to ensure that we are ready for our future. They know about the difficulties of professional life and they want us to be prepared for them. Hence, next time a teacher highlights your shortcomings or lectures you on right and wrong, treasure their advice. Make the most of it and make your teachers proud.

Always remember, our teachers just don’t tell us where we need improvement but also come up with solutions. They take pains to explain to us how we can overcome our faults. Never holding back, they provide us with all the useful information they have gained through their knowledge and experience.

Achievements of their students are accomplishments for the teachers.

There have been times when we lose hope in ourselves but it is our teachers who boost our confidence. Teachers are not just said to be spiritual parents, they certainly are. They care for us like parents.


We ought to show gratitude to our teachers for making us whatever we are today.

Now is the time to realize that we would not have done well if our teachers were not there to guide us. Surely, we could not have been successful or educated without them.

So, a big THANK YOU to all the teachers for playing their important role in our life. For helping us in becoming successful in life. You are highly appreciated for making us better human beings and for leading us towards our accomplishments.

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