Kahani Main Twist: Arshad Chaiwala Is Not A Pakistani But An Afghani Refugee!

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Arshad Chaiwala is a young man who recently got fame through his viral photo in which he was making Chai. That random click took Arshad Chaiwala to the new heights of fame. All the ladies were drooling over his immense attractive looks and blue eyes. From morning shows to news telecast, there was no show where he didn’t appear. Arshad Chaiwala is perhaps the best local example of ‘rags to riches’ and overnight fame.

Arshad Khan is once again back in news, but this time with different headlines. The headline is not about his new drama or project…but is a controversy. 

According to sources, NADRA recently claimed that Arshad Chaiwala is not a Pakistani. He is a refugee from Kandahar, Afghanistan, instead.

Arshad Chaiwala
Via Twitter

Yes, it seems like there is something fishy in this case. Recently sources belonging to NADRA told GEO News that Arshad Chaiwala doesn’t possess enough documents to prove he is a Pakistani national. And the NIC he has is claimed to be acquired by illegal means. 

Arshad Khan and his team are denying this fact and claiming that he is from Mardan, KPK. His manager, while talking to a news channel, also said that he is shocked to hear this claim of NADRA. 

Dr. Omar Zakhilwal, Ambassador from Afghanistan to Pakistan also released his tweet: 



Well, it is difficult to give a verdict in this case at this point in time. At the very least, we should wait for further investigations in this matter to decide what to believe. This rumor has surprised Pakistanis, nevertheless!

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Paras Waswani