This Music video by Asad Ahmed is a treat for your eyes and ears

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Asad Ahmed is a very popular name among the music enthusiasts in Pakistan and rightly so, his music career spans over 3 decades and his contribution towards the Pakistani music scene are nothing you might not know of.

Asad was part of one of the most popular pop bands of Pakistan “Awaz”, together with Haroon and Fakhir as ‘Awaz’ Asad was behind the success of pop hits like ‘Jadu Ka Charagh’, ‘Dia Jalta Raha’, ‘Janay Kaun thi Haseena’ and ‘Janeman’. The album ‘Awaz’ went on to claim huge success in Pakistan and India which bagged the band a UK tour along with multiple sold out concerts around Pakistan.

‘Jadu Ka Charagh’ eventually became a classic and is still very popular.

Asad Ahmed did not stop after the huge success of ‘Awaz’ and started his own studio and along with Sameer Ahmed, Allan Smith and Najam Shiraz formed a band which became one of the pioneers of Rock Music in Pakistan called ‘Karavan’. ‘Karavan’ released dozens of hits including ‘Rakh Aas’, ‘Gardish’, ‘Kesay Mumkin Hai’, ‘Agay hi agay’ and ‘Shor’ to name a few.

Asad Ahmed has been a part of Coke Studio, he has opened for Nusrat Fatah Ali Khan and also been a part of Vital Signs after Amir Zaki and Rizwan ul Haq left Vital Signs, he is without a doubt one of the most favorite, talented and celebrated musicians of Pakistan.


With all his achievements Asad Ahmed’s passion for music continues and he released a solo album under EMI Pakistan’s banner called ‘Rebirth’ in 2017. The album ‘Rebirth’ consists of 10 tracks and has been widely appreciated in music circles and fans. The video for the song ‘Rebirth’ was shot in the Northern areas in Pakistan and not just the track the video itself is feast to the eyes! The picturesque views of the Attaabad lake, Pasu, Cold Desert Hunza and Shimshaal are just breathtaking. The Guitar riffs and composition of the track are marvelous. I can’t do justice with words to the musical genius that ‘Asad Ahmed’ is but I feel like the video of the song ‘Rebirth’ is truly magnificent. The sound, the direction, the picturesque beauty of the Northern Areas are a treat altogether.

Here is the video of ‘Rebirth’ Asad Ahmed produced by EMI Pakistan for our readers to enjoy and feast on with your ears and eyes.

In the end my heartfelt thanks to Asad Ahmed for continuing to making music, we can’t get enough of it. Also my apologies for lack of words for the due appreciation of Asad Ahmed’s work and talent.


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