Shan just gave Asim Azhar an uncalled-for advice

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Asim Azhar hailed from Karachi, it wouldn’t be wrong to call him a child prodigy as he made his way up to the top, starting out as a cover artist and  subsequently becoming a full-fledged singer and songwriter. It’s inevitable for someone to look for a partner at this age, evidently, Asim Azhar would fall in this line too.

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On March 23rd a video was uploaded on BBC Asian Network Twitter page in which the Interviewer can be observed inquiring about the rumours in regard to his relationship with Hania Amir, in response to that Asim stated he wouldn’t put any frank statement without the consent of Hania amir.

When asked upon is he hesitant due to the bitter attitude towards dating culture in Pakistan, Asim disregarded it by saying “Some time ago it would have been a taboo but I feel like now we are progressing towards a progressive society”.


In the midst of this, Shan came up with his unwanted advice.

And it seems like young singer`s fans are not happy about it.






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