This Askari 4 Shell Petrol Pump Exposed By A Brave Lady

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The Askari 4 Shell Petrol Pump has been shown selling fake high octane fuel! This might be shocking for you that the multinational oil and gas company Shell, has been caught doing fraud. We all have great opinions about the multinationals. But who knows the real intentions behind all these corporate giants. The saddest part of such incidents is that they show that even though you pay double the amount for their ‘best quality’ products, sometimes you still get cheated. 

A few days ago, a video went viral of a brave lady who tried to expose these corporate robbers. The video clearly shows what the fuel station is selling to its customers in the name of high octane fuel. High octane may be the name but who knew that it will be full of water. This is the link to that video:

For a second, let’s just assume that it was a mistake by the staff and there might be some fault. However, the question remains: Why did the company not take an action against this? Not even an apology notice was issued to the customers. This shows that there is something hidden and they are trying to cover it. And even after all the roars and cries on the social media, unfortunately that petrol pump is still operating.

The Ministry of Oil and Gas must take action against these type of reported issues. Credit goes to the courageous lady who stood up against them and made and shared a video.

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Paras Waswani