Australian Cricketer Maxwell Clarified His Misinterpreted Gesture With Sarfaraz

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Pakistan team with some exceptional performance in tri series, won hearts around the globe.

After the final of the series between Pakistan and Australia, Shaheens winning the final of the series with some impressing performance. The whole world appreciated the team Pakistan as they defeated Australia and Zimbabwe and lift the T2o trophy. At the end of the match something awkward happened between Australian Cricketer Maxwell and Sarfaraz Ahmed, that grabbed the attention of the cricket analysts and viewers.

This particular incident after the match was quite disrespectful and haughtiness for Pakistani captain Sarfaraz Ahmed when he came forward to shake hand with Australian Cricketer Maxwell.

Here is the video of Australian cricketer Maxwell

This incident was heavily criticized on twitter and Shoaib Akhtar tweeted

Meanwhile just after hours Maxwell took to twitter to clarify the misinterpreted gesture surrounding all over internet and news channels. He stated that incident was just a oversight nothing harsh. Here is what he tweeted about that,

“It was a genuine oversight on my behalf and I’m currently looking for Sarfraz in the hotel to shake his hand and congratulate him and his team on their series win,” Maxwell added.

What do guys have to say on this ? Was this intentional or not?

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